Cómo obtener buenas calificaciones en el examen de la junta en poco tiempo


prayer to pass exam holy gem

The Bible said I just stop taking steps God started magnifying the bells cuz when you are a leopard, they put bells on you that that that’s a sign that when people here, they know that you are, you are contagious, you are unclean and people run away from you. There’s a real I love the horses behind her and love your child behind her and let you go behind me and let you see behind me and let everything whatever they came with the light behind it I prophecy upon your life as you tested me. go go ahead of you. I should go magnify yourself may your enemies.

I don’t know where you are your your problem have taken you. I don’t know and you think that God san alejo has forgotten about you but tonight I will send wherever your daily will take you God will work.

Nunca pierdas de vista lo realmente importante Los exámenes son temporales. Pero servir y buscar a Dios tiene valor para la eternidad.

It’s ignite something within the lips and then they start asking question the Bible says when the spirit of God takes over God will give you the option to analyze your condition and your situation. All of the sudden this are we going to sit here. Why are we sitting here on until we die?

We’re only so therefore I my my brother, my sister, they were they stopped taking her and said we have nothing to lose. We need to go to the enemies we need to confront the enemy. We need to go to where we are afraid everybody san pancracio is afraid of the enemy but when we stay here, we will die when you go into the city, we will die the only place a chance where there’s a slight chance in the enemies Come on you rise. His steps God also start moving with them.

prayer to pass exam holy gem

Comfort zone and a lot of people are they are dead. They’re dead man walking the only hope is gone on the all san jose the dreams are dead, my sister rise up and believe God and start taking steps you have nothing to lose.

your marriage will change tomorrow about this time you you you’re breakthrough in your marriage tomorrow about this time the immigration status will change tomorrow about this time. Your ministry will start growing tomorrow about this time your business will boom tomorrow about this time you pass your as a nation. Tomorrow about this time you will win your children back your child will not be a gangster to tomorrow about this time.

  • Su padre murió el 11 de marzo de 1877.
  • Una nube parecía colgar sobre su cabeza y su camino parecía cerrado; pero Dios, que siempre escucha la oración ferviente, no olvidó.
  • En medio de su gozo, en medio de sus mayores expectativas, estaba condenado a una dolorosa decepción.
  • edificio de estructura antigua durante varios años, y sólo había unos veinticinco miembros, sin apenas seguidores.
  • Durante una temporada, el asunto se dejó de lado.

Se me permite reconocer que la vida es dura, pero a través de mi sufrimiento, veo a Dios.

Is the answer One question Are you answer? So why is it when we go into the city? There’s famine we will die there when we stay here. We will also die the only option is to go to the enemies come when the enemies look at our look at our lips. look at what our situation, maybe they will have mercy upon us and if they don’t have mercy upon us and they kill us.

Distress forever, the Bible says the lepers and say why are we sitting here until we die? If we don’t do something about our situation, we will perish if we don’t do something about this situation our destiny will be a man of God woman of God. I want to end that let you know until you start questioning your challenger onto you. start questioning your situation and you will never have answers you will never see that are not of your problem you need to ask questions.

Dios te ayudará a perseverar

people of God when the man of God the prophetic word the God prophetic with come to start the fight prophetic word comes to what is happening it. It comes to better demonic orchestras the demonic. The yeah the way of the lord tomorrow by this time. The Bible said and somebody who thought that he had he had wisdom when God is speaking when God declares if not us, it is no matter your situation.

Of the gate of Samaria, they were not allowed to go into the city. They were contagious because people have neglected them because people have forsaken them. They are family don’t care about them, but tonight I was sent by God. Let me despise you let me drop you. let me put you somewhere where they will put you into your divine position.

Of God and and a life is not worth living onto you come to a point where you will start questioning your situation. am I going to stay in this horrible abusive forever. I might want to stay in this way that I had forever am I going to go through this sickness forever. Am I going to be frustrated in life forever.

prayer to pass exam holy gem

It does no matter how deep your trouble is, the Bible said tomorrow by this time a sea of flower same flower have been sold for a second. Even though a donkey is is causing eighty shackles there will be a shift there will be a turn around there will be a divide around the Bible. How can this be and the man of God said tomorrow by this time a year of fine shall be sold at the gate of Samaria people of God, no matter what you need to understand divine. Positioning the location, according to the prophetic word tomorrow by this time the A of flower shall be sold at the gate of Samaria that the The falls we’re also dumped at the gate of familiar. I don’t know where they are dump you.

Your God will divide the position you are at the best. And the divine prophecy will stop moving into your ransom was stop moving in your environmental, The Bible says we cross of the prophetic word.

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